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Transition 2018 Leadership Training – Pt 2

The second part of Allan Taylor’s lesson, “Sunday school as Strategy” takes an intentional approach to answering some of the issues that he brought up in part 1. Through the basic structure of “Reach, Teach and Minister,” Allan shows how Sunday school can be the primary strategy for all that the church hopes to accomplish!

Listener Guide – Sunday School as a Strategy part 2

Interview with Allan Taylor

(TLW 014) I got the chance to talk with Allan Taylor, Director of Church Education Ministry at LifeWay about the importance of having a holistic view of Sunday school. He shared with me his model that addresses not only the head, but the heart and hands as well.




Interview with Denny Heiberg

TLW Podcast (007) Jon interviews Denny Heiberg about his journey from the pastorate to missions mobilizer and how discipleship rescued his sense of calling.

Denny is a leader for the Bonhoeffer Project in the United States and around the world. His is just one of the folks you’ll be hearing from in the Bonhoeffer Project.