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Transition 2018 Leadership Training – Pt 2

The second part of Allan Taylor’s lesson, “Sunday school as Strategy” takes an intentional approach to answering some of the issues that he brought up in part 1. Through the basic structure of “Reach, Teach and Minister,” Allan shows how Sunday school can be the primary strategy for all that the church hopes to accomplish!

Listener Guide – Sunday School as a Strategy part 2

Concentric Learning – 90 Second Leadership

“I’ve looked at this passage a hundred times, but today it hit me between the eyes as if it was the first time I’ve ever read it!”

Hopefully we’ve all experienced this when reading God’s word. The Holy Spirit draws a truth out at just the right time and when we need it most. This is the concentric learning principal at work. We need to remember as teachers that it’s not our brilliant communication skills that transform lives – it’s God’s word and His Spirit. When we are faithful to bring to our folks what may seem “basic”, “over-taught”, or “old hat,” God can pair His truth with crises, stage of life and other teachable moments to bring about something revolutionary in the lives of our people. When we fall into the trap of clamoring for curriculum that’s “deeper” or scripture that’s more obscure than what we were taught as children, we are putting our eggs in the wrong basket. We do want to prepare, we do want to have solid curriculum, but we want God to work in ways that only He can.

So how do we capitalize on this learning method as teachers?

  • Prayerfully prepare – ask God to help you be sensitive and aware of what the people in your class are going through and that you would bring out points that would speak directly to what individuals might need to hear.
  • Provide time for conversation (whether virtual through email and Facebook, or in class) – take time to discuss what people are dealing with.
  • Put a high value on real world application in your teaching.

Remember that God grows us in stages. Some of that might be due to what we’re going through and some of it might be due to the receptiveness of our heart at the moment. So be expectant in your teaching, knowing that God can take your offering and use it powerfully to impact lives. His word will not return void.


  • Keep up with your classes contacts and pass on your reports to us.
  • Join us for our biscuit breakfast meeting on January 7 at 8:45am in Gary Thomas’ class room. Email Missy your biscuit order (plain, tenderloin, chicken, or sausage).
  • Make sure to join us (and have your care group leaders come as well) at the January 12-13 SS Leadership training with Allan Taylor here at the church. RSVP with Missy.

The Influences Matrix – 90 Second Leadership

Today I’m introducing you to a new resource from Lifeway Leadership, 90 Second Leadership. In this short video, Daniel Im explains how churches might approach and implement discipleship in their body. This matrix is one of the concepts in Im’s book, No Silver Bullets. I got to talk with Daniel at a conference I went to last month. I had already begun reading the book and one of my main goals of the conference was to meet him and discuss some huge concepts that he introduces. I look forward to sharing some of those concepts with you!

We certainly want to be an intentional church so we’ll make sure that we’re constantly looking at good ideas without rushing into something that we haven’t prayed about, discussed and contextualized.

If you haven’t seen the article about our “Don’t Break the Chain” in the Christian Index, you can view the online version here. I want to thank you again for all your efforts to make the campaign a huge success and remind you that our Great Commission is never done! Let’s remember the final point of the article and repeat it to our people over and over – “some ideas still work, if the people will.”

Interview with Allan Taylor

(TLW 014) I got the chance to talk with Allan Taylor, Director of Church Education Ministry at LifeWay about the importance of having a holistic view of Sunday school. He shared with me his model that addresses not only the head, but the heart and hands as well.




Interview with Dr. Jim Thomas

TLW Podcast (009) Jon interviews Dr. Jim Thomas, Pastor of First Baptist Fayetteville and leader of the Atlanta Cohort of The Bonhoeffer Project. Jim shares his thoughts on discipleship and leading those in our care.

Interview 3 from the Bonhoeffer Project

Announcements in this podcast:

  • New Curriculum will be in your room this Sunday (begins March 5)
  • Please announce to your class, Develop and Deploy will be offered on Wednesday nights beginning March 1.

Interview with Tommy Mitchell

TLW Podcast (008) Jon interviews Tommy Mitchell, Pastor of Agricola Baptist Church, in Agricola MS. Tommy shares the discipleship model that his church is using to create an environment for growth, accountability and reproduction.

Interview 2 from the Bonhoeffer Project

Resources referred to in this podcast:

Interview with Denny Heiberg

TLW Podcast (007) Jon interviews Denny Heiberg about his journey from the pastorate to missions mobilizer and how discipleship rescued his sense of calling.

Denny is a leader for the Bonhoeffer Project in the United States and around the world. His is just one of the folks you’ll be hearing from in the Bonhoeffer Project.