You did what?!!!

One of the first business books that I read in my early thirties was Tom Peter’s, The Pursuit of Wow. He talked about the principal of going beyond the expected, and how that can make a huge impression.

For folks who are new or returning to church, Sunday school can have a bad rap. They might have impressions of outdated, irrelevant and boring teaching. They might be terrified that it’s a gathering of Bible scholars that would immediately cast derision on their complete ignorance of anything spiritual. Who knows, they might even think that it’s where you make macaroni art!

When you think about it, we don’t have to do a whole lot to go beyond what’s expected.

  • A phone call thanking them for visiting the class (or better yet, inviting them to the class and meeting them at the greeters station to walk them in)
  • Having food and good coffee in class
  • Taking them to lunch after church their first week of visiting
  • An invite to a class activity outside of class time

Every time we get together as teachers. I like to celebrate the little ways that you make the Sunday school experience special. And many of you make sure that what you do, creates more than a class – it creates a family.

I love talking with new members who discover such classes and rave about how much they love “their” teacher and “their” class! I just got off the phone with a lady who we just got connected and she was so excited about her teacher and that she even showed up to her work with flowers and a card! (Way to go Brenda!)

What are some little things that you can do in your pursuit of wow to make an impact on folks and help them feel like they’ve found “their people?”  Ask God to reveal ideas and ways that you can take people by surprise and get them excited about Sunday school and your class.