The Influences Matrix – 90 Second Leadership

Today I’m introducing you to a new resource from Lifeway Leadership, 90 Second Leadership. In this short video, Daniel Im explains how churches might approach and implement discipleship in their body. This matrix is one of the concepts in Im’s book, No Silver Bullets. I got to talk with Daniel at a conference I went to last month. I had already begun reading the book and one of my main goals of the conference was to meet him and discuss some huge concepts that he introduces. I look forward to sharing some of those concepts with you!

We certainly want to be an intentional church so we’ll make sure that we’re constantly looking at good ideas without rushing into something that we haven’t prayed about, discussed and contextualized.

If you haven’t seen the article about our “Don’t Break the Chain” in the Christian Index, you can view the online version here. I want to thank you again for all your efforts to make the campaign a huge success and remind you that our Great Commission is never done! Let’s remember the final point of the article and repeat it to our people over and over – “some ideas still work, if the people will.”